FORT WORTH -- Councilwoman Ann Zadeh wants motorists to slow down driving through Fort Worth’s neighborhoods.

So, as city leaders prepare for the upcoming state legislative session in Austin, the District 9 councilwoman is adamant that the city support a proposal to lower the default speed limit on residential streets in Texas from 30 mph to 25 mph.

But if that doesn’t happen during the session that begins in January, Zadeh said she wants the council to see what it would take to lower Fort Worth’s speed limit on its own.

The state sets the default speed limit for Texas roadways. That limit, which applies when no other speed limit is posted, is 30 mph on residential streets.

Legislation that called for lowering that limit statewide never made it out of the Transportation Committee in 2015. The legislation was introduced by former Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston. Fort Worth’s governmental affairs staff said they believe the city of Houston will back a bill in the next session.

Zadeh said motorists speeding through Fort Worth neighborhoods has long been an issue. As the city becomes better-known for its health initiatives, encouraging fitness as well as pedestrian- and bike-friendly programs, Fort Worth should have a lower speed limit, she said.

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