FORT WORTH -- For choir students at Arlington Heights High School it's hard to focus on scales. They've booked the gig of a lifetime thanks to the work of their choir teacher Hans Grim.

Grim found out about a contest -- a touring banded needed a high school choir to accompany them on stage.
Grim got out the video camera.

"And the next day he was like ok let's go -- and I was like this is a huge deal for such a little time off rehearsing," said Jesse Martinez a senior choir member.

The band holding the contest is the 1980's chart toping group "Foreigner."

"I feel like their songs are in a lot of movies -- so if I would heard a song I would have said 'oh I know, I've heard Foreigner," said Martinez.

Over the course of a few days they learned the 1984 hit song "I Want to Know What Love is" and recorded themselves singing. Just this week they learned they got the part.

"And they announced our school and I started screaming," Martinez said.

On February, 3 the Arlington Heights High School Treble Choir will share the stage with Foreigner at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie.

It was quickly clear the music still resonated today.

"With the availability of different styles of music on the internet, and in their lives, they can really live in many different eras and find an era of music that speaks to them" Grim said.

A song many hadn't heard of until this week.

"There's still that feeling of like, 'is this really happening' are we going to see foreigner the guy that was an amazing during my parents era -- being able to help out with this is just humbling," Senior Carlos Portelas said.