FORT WORTH - The Fort Worth Stockyards are known for their cattle drives and Wild West feel. One thing might surprise you.

Inside an unassuming law office, in the basement, a production company is working on an animated film we can't tell you about yet.

Writer and director Keith Alcorn, a Fort Worth native, has been bringing animations to life for over 30 years, never knowing how far one of them would go.

You may have seen "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius." It was first a Nickelodeon movie, then a TV series. Alcorn designed the character.

"We just thought it was awesome to make a movie," said Alcorn.

He couldn't believe when it was nominated for an Oscar. "All I remember was staring at the television, and then my wife screaming bloody murder," said Alcorn.

It was 2002, the first year there was a category for "best-animated feature."

"It became a whirlwind of moments that you just can't believe. You go to the grocery store, and there's Jimmy Neutron on boxes of Cap'n Crunch," said Alcorn.

"For me, I was just thinking, 'What on earth am I'm doing here?' I mean, these people are stars. And you're on the same red carpet as they are. It was a little overwhelming," said Alcorn.

It was a character dreamed up by a couple of guys in DFW.

And though Jimmy Nuetron didn't win, Alcorn hopes it shows what's possible in North Texas.

He is passionate about growing the animation and film industry in Fort Worth.

"I love this area, and I want to see great things happen for artists in this area. We have so much talent here, it's ridiculous," said Alcorn.