FORT WORTH, Texas — Ezra Davis lives with his wife and two dogs in Fort Worth, and money is tight on a fixed income. And he can't afford basic veterinary care for his pets.

But this week, he discovered a program called Ray of Hope through the Humane Society of North Texas. Veterinarians and clinicians travel to community centers once a month and offer free vaccinations, flea and tick treatment, and microchipping. Those who need pet shampoo and food can also request it.

"They help you out," Davis said. "They help. They really do." 

He brought both his dogs in, who were behind on their vaccines. 

"There is nothing more heartbreaking than hearing a senior citizen say I can't afford my pet," Cassie Lackey with the HSNT said.

She said this program was founded as a passion project. One of their veterinarian's late mother wished all seniors could have affordable pet care. The HSNT is making it a reality.

Ray of Hope targets 13 underserved area codes in the Fort Worth Area, but seniors and their pets will not be turned away if they attend.