Michael Chambers' family has tried desperately tried to find him.

His daughter Suzy Losoya said it's not knowing what happened to him that is the hardest part for her. "If you don't know, you play every possible scenario through your head over and over trying to get a conclusion, trying to get an answer,” said Losoya.

Like so many families of missing people, they, too, have searched.

Chambers disappeared from his property in Greenville on March 10, 2017. Police found blood in his woodshed, but that is the only evidence police have.

Every time they hear a body has been found, the family said they wait anxiously. "Obviously wherever they are, you go on high alert," she said.

This past week has been especially difficult after hearing that after nearly four years Christina Morris' body was found.

They say their heart breaks for her family, but also gives them hope.

"That was encouraging to me that her body was found in an area that was previously searched. It means I should not give up," she said.

In their case, there is no video or witnesses and every lead has been followed, so Losoya is pleading for help.

"I would be them, beg them to give us some peace and come forward. Tell us what you know, even if it's small," she said.

Losoya says she is not hopeful her father is alive, but like Morris' family, she wants him back home in a place where he can rest in peace.