DALLAS – Easter Sunday has been a time for reflection and celebration among Christian communities across North Texas.

Thousands of worshippers gathered for services at the Cathedral Shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Newly installed Bishop Edward Burns delivered his first Easter mass in Dallas. He focused on the significance of Christ’s death and resurrection.

The Escobar family attended the service. It calls Easter a time to rejoice.
“I think it’s one of the most special days of the year. So, it really brings families together, and makes us think about everything that we are blessed with and thankful for," Karina Escobar said. 

Sunrise Service included vibrant praise and worship, not too far away, at St. Paul United Methodist Church. With the help of the Dallas Black Dance Theater, two of Dallas’ historically African American institutions collaborated in what has become a decade-old and cherished Easter tradition.

“Easter is a time when you can rejoice,” said Christiane Elle. 

Rejoicing in music and the Word continued at First Baptist Dallas. The pews were packed as the pastor, Dr. Robert Jeffress, delivered his Easter sermon.

“The fact of that empty tomb, is the single greatest foundation stone of our faith,” Jeffress told the church.

Many of the faithful across North Texas say Easter is a time to recognize the sacrifices that bring them closer to the church and to their families.