Condo owners are asking for help to address an erosion problem they worry is damaging their building.

"We're losing trees, we're losing ground, and it's getting closer and closer to our building," said Patricia Rogers, president of the HOA at the Oakhollow Condominium.

One building in the complex backs up to Jackson Creek, and Rogers said that erosion has swallowed up ground, trees and a fence. Owners say cracks in the building are a result of a shifting foundation.

"You can literally put your hand in some of the cracks that we have here," said resident Mark Brizendine.

Rogers said the City of Dallas had a plan to address the issue. She showed WFAA emails dating back years, with messages from city officials indicating that there were funds from a bond to build a retaining wall. The emails said the process could take "up to 18 months," but that was two years ago.

There is no sign of construction near the creek bank, and Rogers said she cannot get answers from city officials. The city did not respond to WFAA's request for comment.

"We need some help. We're going to lose our entire building," said Rogers. "This is 32 units and families that live here."

It is not the only condo complex asking the city for help. Just a little upstream, owners at the Woodlands on the Creek complex told WFAA in November about their own erosion problem. They claim that a change in city drainage has made the issue even worse.

"We're concerned the whole building is going to be compromised," said owner Lynne Hardy in November.

Rogers said they are now investing $15,000 to stabilize the foundation of the Oakhollow building, but there is concern that without a retaining wall in place, it will be ineffective.

"The contractor that we're using said, 'We can put those piers in, but if the ground around it erodes out, that's not going to hold the building in place,'" she said.