It was a somber day Wednesday as the Dallas Police Department honored their fallen.

85 officers have been killed in the line of duty in the department's history, and their names are placed on a memorial wall.

Today, the department added a new name, Officer Rogelio Santander who was shot to death at home depot last month.

“Rogelio Santander Jr. April 25, 2018” was read out loud during a ceremony Wednesday.

His family placed roses where his name is now forever etched in stone.

"Our hearts are heavy," Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "Once again broken and we salve the fresh wounds of the loss Officer Rogelio Santander."

Officer Richard Campos cried as he remembered his friend and they times they shared together.

“It really does hurt but then we are reminded that we have to appreciate everything in our lives not just for police officers but others as well. we have to make sure we live every day to our fullest, hug the people we love and make sure we show them that,” Campos said.

For the families of the fallen officers, Santander's murder brought memories rushing back.

Valerie Zamarripa's son Patrick was killed in the ambush on July 7, 2016.

"It's like reopening the wounds again," Valerie Zamarripa said.

His father says he talked to Santander's father but couldn't find the words to comfort him.

"I said I understand what you are going through, but there are no words," Rick Zamarripa said. "It's hard."

Every year, the closing prayer is the same thing, that next year on Police Memorial Day they won't have to add a new name.