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Police search landlord's property in search for missing 6-year-old North Texas boy

Everman Police dug up a concrete patio at the home of the landlord who hopes officers can find missing 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez.

EVERMAN, Texas — The landlord of the mother of a missing boy in Everman, Texas wants nothing more than for police to find him as soon as possible. 

"But be honest with you, I wish I knew where he was. I'd go get him," said Charles Parson.

Parson has been like a grandfather to missing 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez Alvarez. He gave the child's mother a place to stay in Everman way before the boy was born -- who is now 1 of 10 children. 

But, Rodriguez-Alvarez hasn't been seen since last year. 

Everman Police Chief Craig Spencer launched an investigation on March 20, 2023, after family reported they had not seen Noel since November of 2022. 

This week, the search included using sonar technology on Parson's new concrete patio after a tip was called into the Everman Police Department. The cement for the patio is now partially dug up in search of the missing 6-year-old. 

Investigators also shared that a search dog indicated an inconsistency in the area of the patio, so police obtained a search warrant for the home. 

On March 30, 2023, Parson said Everman PD offered to put him in a hotel while they searched his home, but he refused the offer. Investigators worked well into the evening, according to Parson, cutting part of the concrete slab. 

But investigators found nothing to indicate Rodriguez-Alvarez's body was underneath the patio. 

"He left in November," Parson said. "The patio was built less than a month ago, three weeks old. So, how could they be underneath the patio?"

Parson allowed Rodriguez-Alvarez's mother Cindy Singh and her husband Arch Singh to live in the shed behind his home with her seven children. He showed WFAA copies of the police search warrants for the shed. 

The inside of it is now completely ransacked and out of order, with clothing scattered on the floor, dishes out of place, old and discarded food, and more. 

"Our investigators were very thorough with our search, but I can't go into specific conditions prior to us going in," said Chief Spencer. 

After Singh's family reported Noel missing, the couple fled to Turkey with six of her children. Parson told WFAA that he doesn't believe Cindy Singh would ever do anything to hurt Noel. He also shared photos of their family collage -- showing Arch and Cindy Singh and the children smiling in photographs.  

Still, because police have not been able to confirm the 6-year-old's whereabouts, both Arch and Cindy Singh are now wanted by authorities. 

"It's abandoning or endangering a child, and it is a second degree felony. And we have warrants for both Cindy and Archie," said Chief Spencer. 

The former landlord, called grandfather by Noel and his siblings, also shared with WFAA the emotional impact the boy's disappearance has had on him personally.  

"It's about to drive me up a wall," Parson said. "It's really frustrating." 

During a news conference Friday, March 31, at the Everman Civic Center, Chief Spencer named off a list of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies now assisting his department with the investigation. 

"We are not going to continue to search anymore on that property unless new evidence arises or new information arises for us to go back," Spencer said. "I'm still not convinced that he's deceased. We haven't found any evidence to suggest that he's deceased. And until I evidence, I'm not going to be convinced."

Spencer hopes to continue getting tips about Noel's possible whereabouts, especially since he and his investigators have exhausted any possibility that the 6-year-old is with family or extended family in Mexico.  

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