SAN ANTONIO — It’s been 48 hours since the 13th confirmed case of the Wuhan Coronavirus in the US.

Deputy Director Captain Jennifer McQuiston says as of now, San Antonio is still in the clear.

“Everybody that came into San Antonio at Lackland Airforce Base was healthy when they arrived,” Captain McQuiston said.

The 91 evacuees from China were flown to the base six days ago. They’ve been kept away from the general public and have been staying in rooms located on a separate part of the base.

“Those are the procedures we put in place to make sure that if coronavirus did happen here, we would keep it contained,” Captain McQuiston said.

In the US, 430 people have been tested for the coronavirus, and 347 results have come back negative. The CDC says this doesn’t change the way they are doing business here.

“The one thing we are doing is we’re training for how we’re going to handle specimens, how we’re going to handle the patients so that in the event it happens we’re ready,” Captain McQuiston said.

The people quarantined at the base have about eight more days to go. If they continue to show no symptoms, they’ll be cleared to leave on February 20th.