A middle school student in Denton was criminally charged after school administrators found chocolate chip cookies containing Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in her locker.

On Monday morning the Denton police school resource officer at McMath Middle School was notified that two students had eaten part of a chocolate chip cookie that made them sick in the stomach.

Two eighth graders said they had asked a peer they knew for a bite of the cookie.

School administrators checked the suspect's locker and noticed a "funky odor" coming from inside. The school resource officer was called to look at the locker and recognized the small as fresh marijuana.

After speaking to the three students involved, the 13-year-old suspect said she brought three chocolate chip cookies to school knowing they contained THC.

It is unclear at this time how she got the cookies.

The suspect had a bad reaction to eating the cookies so she was allowed to leave school Monday and go home with her father.

She was taken into custody Tuesday and charged with manufacture or delivery of a substance in penalty group 2 under 400 grams.

According to police, the other two students showed signs of excited behavior and had high resting heart rates so they were kept and monitored by the school nurse until they were fit to return to class.