Incoming college students are about to enter new territory as they live away from their parents for the first time on campus. We've compiled a list of campus safety tips from several universities in Texas in hopes to calm fears and worries by parents as their teenagers go off on their own for the first time.


Voice your concerns and report crimes: All too often, crime goes unreported on campuses due to witnesses not coming forward. Even if it's minor and turns out to not be a big deal, you're better safe than sorry. Many schools have mobile apps and hotlines to allow you to leave anonymous tips.

Walk on well-lit paths or ask for an escort: Many campuses have an escort program where you can call and get someone to walk with you or give you a ride if you feel uncomfortable walking alone. Otherwise, walk on well-lit public paths.

Be careful with alcohol: The University of Houston reports that 1,700 college students die every year due to alcohol-related injuries. Alcohol also plays a role in date rape, and drunk driving could kill you or someone else.

Enter your ICE numbers: All students should enter ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts into phones with ICE before the name.

Sign up for emergency notifications: College campuses usually have you set your phone up with an automated system that sends an alert to your phone in case of a lockdown or other emergency.

Take a self defense class: It's never too early or too late to learn how to defend yourself in case of emergencies. Some colleges, like UNT and UTA, offer free safety classes to students. Or you can check out places like Krav Maga DFW that teach classes for a small fee.

Learn your school's campus carry rules. Concealed guns are allowed on public school campuses in Texas now (with a concealed carry license). This doesn't mean one can carry a weapon out in the open, and you should know your school's specific rules on where guns can be taken and where they are prohibited.


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