DALLAS -- A 13-year-old boy, believed to be an innocent bystander, is seriously injured following gang-related gunfire Thursday night.

Nathaniel Aguirre had been playing basketball at the Old East Dallas Work Yard Park near where the shooting occurred at Alton Avenue and South Munger Boulevard. It started shortly after 8 p.m. as a disturbance between people in two vehicles about a block away and ended up at the park.

About 20 to 30 shots rang out, and at least one of the shots hit the boy in the back. An officer nearby heard the shots and came to the scene, where he found the boy.

Sources say Aguirre was then put in a squad car and taken to the hospital. The boy had a collapsed lung and was turning blue after the bullet traveled through his arm.

He is in critical but stable condition.

The suspects fled the scene and have not been located at this time.