On Saturday, more than 90 vehicles lined up outside the Murphy Police Department for an event to honor the life of fallen police SWAT officer David Sherrard.

Sherrard was shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to an active shooter situation at Breckenridge Point Apartments in Richardson.

The suspect, Brandon McCall was arrested and a civilian, Rene Gamez was found dead at the scene.

A local organization called Moms of Murphy assembled a drive-by event at the Murphy Police Department.

Residents of the community showed up, one by one, as organizers placed a blue piece of masking tape on the windshield of their vehicle and wrote: D. Sherrard #1078.

Sarah Toth, the lead organizer from Moms of Murphy, said their goal is to show love and support.

"Nicole Sherrard and her husband were very active in our community,” she said. “Nicole is a trainer and a lot of us workout with her. A lot of us know her husband too. He's going to be really missed."

Jessy Keller, a close friend of the Sherrard’s. said the long line of vehicles is a symbol that, Blue Lives Matter.

"We are so grateful for what they do every day,” she said. “Whatever we can do we want to do.”

Residents also dropped off cash and check donations for the Sherrard family.