A group of four-legged neighbors made a startling discovery recently. Raw meatballs packed with glass were found in their yards.

Dog owner Paul Burkhalter was out cleaning his fenced in yard when he came across the raw meat. He didn’t know where it came from at first.

“It just didn’t make sense, so I threw it away,” he said, adding that when he found a second meatball, he got suspicious. “So I cut it in half and was shocked to find that there was glass inside of it.”

The father of two wasn’t the only one to find meatballs with broken glass.

His neighbor Cathi Holtsclaw found them, too -- not once, but twice.

“Both times I had already been out once, walked the yard, nothing out there,” she said. “Come in do my stuff, go back out, and there’s a meatball out there.”

Both neighbors contacted Dallas police. In fact, Holtsclaw was speaking to an officer again when WFAA stopped by. She said she was told that if it happens again to call 911.

She keeps the meatballs in her freezer just in case.

“The first one that I found was ice cold. The one that we found on Sunday, it was warm,” she said. “The second one was loaded with glass.”

Both dog owners say they don’t know why they were targeted.

“It’s been very unsettling,” Burkhalter said. “We used to let the dogs run free, and now every morning, I have to go and check and make sure nothing new is out there.”

They said they live in fear that it will happen again.

“This is just crazy,” Holtsclaw said. “Is it against me, is it against my Dad, is it our dogs?”