For a half century, Lizzie Broadnax has been the matriarch of Magnolia street on the South side of Fort Worth.

"I'd say fifty two or three years," Broadnax tells a family member from the porch of her home.

Broadnax is proud to tell you she's 102-years-old. Last weekend, Broadnax nearly died inside the home she shares with James Castleberry.

"Everything was fine, and I left the house, went to the store and came back, and I seen the fire and the only thing I knew was that it was just burning," Castleberry said.

An electrical fire tore the house apart from the inside out.

"We're trying to salvage a few clothes. We lost everything else," Castleberry said.

Shortly after escaping the burning home, both realized their dog was still inside the home.

"Oh my God, when I found out that the puppy was in there I was asking everybody, where was the dog," said neighbor Minnie Parramore.

The puppy named "Precious" was found hiding under a bed by firefighters. A picture taken from the scene shows crews giving the little dog oxygen using a mask made for children.

"He consumed a lot of smoke -- and they say his lungs were filling up with with smoke," Castleberry said.

Precious the dog survived. For the last week, she's been under the care of the Central Animal Hospital in Fort Worth, and this afternoon the patient was released back into the care of the Forth Worth Fire Department.

"It's nice to see a responding dog -- a dog come around when a lot of times, we're a little late, but this time was good and she's a really great dog," said Battalion Chief Dale Jones of the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Local animal nonprofits have teamed up to cover the vet bills, while the firefighters that responded to the call have taken it upon themselves to connect Precious with her elderly owners.

There's something to look forward to for a family that's already lost so much.