You never give up hope when you lose a pet, but Iris Candelaria never thought she would get an answer to a nagging question.

What happened to Bebe?

Her Maltese/Yorkie mix got out of the backyard of her Garland home in 2007. Fliers and efforts to find the one-year old dog never turned up anything.

Then came an unexpected Facebook message early last week.

"They found me on Facebook and asked me if I ever had a dog with that breed mix," Candelaria said. "I was shocked."

The message came from the staff at Midlothian Veterinary Clinic.

Haley Soldevilla works at the front of the clinic and first saw Bebe when he was brought in last week.

"I knew he needed care immediately," Soldevilla said.

The person who dropped Bebe off didn't provide a name and did not share how long they were in possession of the dog.

Veterinary technician Carissa Vega did the first examination.

"All his fur was matted, you couldn't see his paw pads, you couldn't see his nails," Vega said.

The team checked for a microchip, as they do now with every animal that comes in.

Bebe had a microchip that tied back to an animal shelter in Garland. Soldevilla says staff at the shelter were able to link the microchip to Candelaria who adopted Bebe back in 2005.

"And then we just found her on Facebook," Soldevilla said.

On February 2, Candelaria found Bebe again. The two were reunited in a moment captured on Facebook Live and shared over 3,700 times with more than 87,000 views.

"We're very blessed to have him back," Candelaria said. "Go out and get your dogs chipped because you never know. He’s living proof that you can get your dog back.”