GRAPEVINE -- A dismembered body that had also been lit on fire was found at a park near Grapevine Lake early Wednesday, according to police.

Police said officers were sent to Acorn Woods Park, a densely-wooded area with trails on the south side of the lake, around 6:30 a.m.

Grapevine officials confirmed to News 8 a woman's body was found burned and in "several pieces" near the water.

Jogger John Gregory says he was zipping through the park for his usual morning run when he noticed police and fire trucks pulling up to a trailhead.

“I see a white pick-up truck with yellow flashers, and a red truck just kind of pulled up,” he said. "Then, there were about 12 cop cars and a fire truck. It was bizarre."

The park was closed to the public for the most of the day as investigators and crime scene technicians from the FBI helped process a large scene that extended through brush and trails to the water's edge.

By Wednesday evening, the scene had cleared. Areas that had been recently burned and processed were clearly visible near the park's trails.

Police said in a late update Wednesday the park had reopened, but that no further information on the homicide would be released for now.

The homicide investigation is the first in three years in Grapevine, something not lost on many of the nearby neighbors that commonly use the park as a place to run.

"It's sickening, horrific," said Jody Williams, who says she jogs through the area frequently. "I don’t know how else to describe it."

A positive identification of the body will likely come from the Tarrant County Medical Examiner.