Texas is hoping to prepare residents for the next fire, hail storm, tornado or flood by helping people get the supplies they need.

It's all part of a the 2016 Emergency Preparation Supplies Tax Holiday, which begins April 23 and ends April 25.

"What we have here is an escape latter or safety latter in case of emergencies. So what you do is you actually just hook it onto your window," said Tony Stunkel, an assistant store manager at the Lowe's in Bryan.

The emergency ladder is just one of more than a dozen items you can get tax free this weekend.

Other tax-free items include batteries, hatchets and axes, first aid kits, certain radios, flashlights, hurricane shutters, and smoke detectors.

Portable generators are also tax free.

"It's going to be able to run anything from like a refrigerator, freezer, lights, fans, stuff like that," said Stunkel.

Both employees and customers hope people will use the tax-free weekend to their advantage.

"They might not know that they have a need for some of these items until disaster strikes, and when there is a disaster, it's too late," said customer Matthew Hawkins.

To see the full list of tax-free disaster items, click here.