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Developments made in Amtrak's funding; what does this mean for adding passenger rails in Ohio?

Amtrak hopes to expand its rail service to Ohio, connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton.

Over the past couple of weeks, Amtrak has had a couple of big developments. But what does that mean for Ohio?

We're still a bit away from seeing passenger rails along the 3C and D path, connecting Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Dayton.

But for Stu Nicholson, the executive director of All Aboard Ohio, there have been some developments that could mean good news for Ohio. The House passed its $750 billion federal transportation bill that, if it passes the Senate, spells out Amtrak's funding for the next five years.

“The funding is important because Amtrak's plans to revive passenger rail in the Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati corridor is dependent on that, that you know some of that funding is in that House bill,” Nicholson said.

We reached out to Amtrak, but they wouldn't comment on exactly what that money would mean for Ohio. Amtrak said there's still a ways to go in the process.

The rail company also announced they will be investing more than $7 billion into new train cars. Amtrak says these cars will be for their eastern routes.

“A lot of these new cars are going to be bigger, more comfortable, more roomy and, again, if you're going to go 200, 300, 400, 500 miles or more in a passenger rail car, you want to be riding in something that's comfortable has a good view out the window,” Nicholson said.

Amtrak said as of now these cars wouldn't be used for Ohio but could be if the route is finalized. The service says the cars being replaced could also be used to service the 3C and D corridor.

President Biden is known for being a lover of trains; All Aboard Ohio is hopeful that the bill would be passed.

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