DFW AIRPORT -- A man detained at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Monday night after arriving from Iraq was very complimentary of the treatment he received while being screened.

There were just a few remaining protesters and supporters who cheered for Ahmed Lobaidi when he was released after midnight following a six-hour screening process as part of the new executive order restricting certain travel into the country.

“It was extreme questions about your history for the last couple of years,” said Lobaidi about the process. “They were questions to make sure you are clear and that is it. And I agree with that.”

Lobaidi showed little frustration with his experience and praised the security employees who conducted the screening. During it, he and another man being questioned were given food, water, and other services while they waited.

“I am not talking about the higher people, I am talking about these people,” he said, referencing the security people he encountered at DFW.

“They are doing a great job and they are really helpful.”

Another man was still going through the process according to Lobaidi, who updated that man’s friends on what was happening behind closed doors.

An emergency petition was filed in federal court Tuesday morning by those friends on behalf of the man, identified in documents as Labeeb Abrahim Issa.

The petition asks that Issa be released from Customs, as he is in a wheelchair. Issa worked as a driver for the U.S. Army in Iraq and is coming to the U.S. after being injured, the documents say. He has a special immigrant visa.

Later Tuesday morning Issa was released, and WFAA got the chance to speak with him. He said although he had to wait overnight to be released, he is thankful to be in the United States.

Attorneys have set up along a row of tables outside the gate for international arrivals, and a few began arriving as early as 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday.