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Deshaun Watson doesn't dodge questions in latest deposition

In between talking with NFL teams who want to sign him, the Texans quarterback was back on defense Tuesday as his legal battles continue.

HOUSTON — Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson was back in the hot seat Tuesday during a deposition for the civil lawsuits filed against him.

Twenty-two women who accuse Watson of sexual misconduct during massages are suing him. 

The plaintiff's attorney, Tony Buzbee, said the Texans quarterback was questioned about two of those cases today.

Unlike last Friday when Watson pleaded the fifth during a deposition with Buzbee, he was more talkative this time.

“This was the first case where he actually answered questions," Buzbee said. "We talked about two of the plaintiffs, we have about 18 to go."

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According to court documents, Watson contacted most of the women on Instagram. 

Buzbee said he questioned Watson about deleting some of the Instagram messages. 

“He told us that he took it upon himself to delete them. He wouldn’t tell me when he deleted them," Buzbee said.

Attorney Rusty Hardin defended his client.

“This guy has over a million followers, okay, and so if he’s not having a relationship or contact with people, then he deletes," Hardin explained.

Buzbee's playbook includes questioning Watson about all of the cases. 

“It comes down to credibility and I feel quite confident that the plaintiffs in this case are credible, they’re confident, they’re courageous – and I’m proud to represent them," he said.

Hardin said Watson answered all of Buzbee’s questions as best he could during the four-hour deposition. But he said his client's main priority right now is his future in football. 

After a grand jury declined to indict Watson on criminal charges last week, a few teams have expressed interest in signing him, including the Saints, Browns, Falcons and Panthers.

"He’s going to figure out where to go, Texans are going to figure out whether they’re willing to trade with that team, and the two will meet and he will get to go play football better than anybody in the league," Hardin said.

Both attorneys told us there's been no talk of possible settlements. 

"There's a lot at stake, it's not just money," KHOU 11 News legal analyst Carmen Roe told us. "It's about the reputation of a player who has built his entire life around being a certain type of person and that's being called into question in these cases."

The next round of depositions are scheduled for next week.

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