DENTON -- An investigation is underway after fliers featuring white nationalist propaganda appeared on the University of North Texas campus.

At least six fliers were found inside the Wooten Hall building and other areas of the campus, according to Margarita Venegas, a spokeswoman with UNT.

"All fliers were taken down, and there is an open investigation in the police department," Venegas said.

According to Venegas, the first flier was found Sunday.

Isaac Davis, a second-year student at UNT, posted an image of one flier he said he found displayed in Wooten Hall. The flier features an illustration of a white female and male with the words "WE HAVE A RIGHT TO EXIST" written below and the web address of the American Vanguard. The site includes white nationalist propaganda and claims "White America is under attack."

"Our enemies are many and persecution is certain," reads one line in a manifesto posted on the site.

Similar fliers have been found at colleges across Texas, including another that also referenced the American Vanguard website and declared, "TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK! Look around, White man, is this the country your ancestors died for?"

The messages are something Davis called shocking and suspicious.

"They could potentially be dangerous," he said.

While the posted signs aren't illegal, campus police say they are in violation of university policy.