Every day for the past three years, Reed Brown has done exactly this: lace up his sneakers and head out for a run. He says he averages 70 miles a week.

“Kind of a euphoric feeling when I get out there and run,” he said.

He didn’t know years ago, but his countless hours of discipline and dedication were all leading up to one dynamite moment.

“He redefines fast, yes,” said Hobert Brown, Reed's father.

Thursday night, 630 miles away from his Southlake home, one magnificent mile was about to put Reed in the history books.

“Perfect conditions, great competition. Just felt good and everything was just right for it,” Reed said.

It was the Festival of Miles in St. Louis, Missouri and Reed was there with one goal: to run a mile in less than four minutes. Before Thursday, the fastest he’d ever run a mile was 4:03, he said.

“The crowd was really good, unbelievable crowd,” Hobert said.

He and his wife were in the stands, and he was behind the camera as his son started the race.

“I couldn’t hold the camera steady when he was coming around that corner,” Hobert said.

After being in the middle of the pack, Hobert watched as his 18-year-old son pulled ahead.

“Once he went past the finish line and I could look up and see the clock there, I just, I lost it,” Hobert said..

Reed had done it. He’d run the mile in 3:59:30.

“That was the most pain I’ve ever been in,” Reed said.

USA Today said his time makes him the tenth high school runner, and the fourth fastest of that group, to ever break a 4-minute mile.

“It was just kind of a relief of all the work I’ve put in the past four years just paying off,” Reed said.

Less than 24 hours after his big accomplishment, Reed is about to hit another milestone -- he’s graduating from Southlake Carroll Senior High School Friday night.

“Are you going to be walking across the stage tonight? Or are you going to run?” we asked him.

“I'm definitely walking,” he said with a laugh.

Reed will head to the University of Oregon on scholarship next fall to run cross country and track.