LAKE DALLAS, Texas -- Among the adoptable cats and dogs, there is a new guest that's so special it gets a room all to himself.

"The police officers called me around midnight and let me know that the snake was out, and I thought he was joking," said Julien Peralta, director of Animal Services for Lake Dallas.

Here's what Peralta found at a Lake Dallas apartment complex overnight. Two women spotted the massive snake and called 911.

"They told me it was a three-foot snake. It was more like an eight-foot snake, and he was just hanging out under a car, going for a midnight walk," Peralta said.

That snake is a Ball Python, sometimes called a Royal Python. The good news -- it's not poisonous, but the bad news -- it has the strength to coil around its prey and squeeze it to death.

The city said it believes it was probably someone's pet.

"This is a domesticated animal. This isn't one that is going to be found out at the park or anything," said Peralta.

Misha Gonzalez, a volunteer at the animal shelter, showed WFAA just how large the reptile really is. Now, the scary part, watch what happens as I get my camera just a little bit too close.

Safe to say, he'll be locked away until someone comes to claim their family pet.

According to the city, snakes like this aren't illegal, but owners do need to apply for and receive a special permit.