Two dramatic fire rescues caught on video are now part of a training video for the Lewisville Fire Department.

Fire crews responded to the Parc Lake Apartments on Lake Park Road on Thursday and found one building fully involved and two people in need of rescue.

Cell phone video captured by Jonatan Saucedo shared with WFAA, and posted on Facebook, captures the entire ten minute unfolding scene. In it, two firefighters pull a man away from the flames after he collapsed just outside his apartment.

A second rescue captures firefighters helping pull an unconscious woman from her second floor apartment.

We're told the woman is in a medically induced coma in a Plano hospital and the man suffered second degree burns.

Battalion Chief David Pennington says Lewisville Fire has already combined radio audio transmissions with the video to provide a full real-time response demonstration for the department.

"Right where these people were standing, across the street, and capturing that footage was a good thing for us," Pennington said. "Without the video the civilians took we wouldn't be able to do that."