DENTON -- Rush hour traffic was especially slow Wednesday morning as a suspect leds police on a low-speed chase.

It started when a trooper tried to pull over a Pontiac on North Loop 288 in Denton. The driver didn't stop and it was all caught on camera.

"So this is how my mornings going," said Shane Hamilton, 30, in video he shot on his iPhone.

Steering wheel in one hand and iPhone in the other, contractor Shane Hamilton was in the middle of a police chase.

"When I looked in my rearview mirror and saw multiple police vehicles behind me I realized something was wrong," Hamilton told News 8.

According to DPS, the driver of a black Pontiac refused to pull over. For the next 24 minutes, the driver evaded police -- all while doing well under the speed limit.

Officials say the driver led law enforcement to IH-35E and started heading toward Lewisville. At one point, the driver swerved to avoid a spike strip and nearly hit a trooper.

That trooper was able to shoot out a tire, bringing the slow speed chase to a stop.

"When (the suspect) gets out of his vehicle they're yelling commands at him he's not responding to him and he has something in his hand and at that point my heart sunk and I'm thinking I hope this doesn't turn out the way we've seen you know them turn out," Hamilton said.

After a few tense moments, the suspect was put in handcuffs. The suspect faces a litany of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest and driving with a suspended license.

"I'm glad that it ended the way that it did that nobody got hurt that's what all of us as human's wasn't we don't want anyone to get hurt," Hamilton said.