DALLAS - The daughter of Antoinette Brown says she wants the city of Dallas to require licensure for pet owners after the fatal attack.

In an exclusive interview with News 8, Matisha Ward says if it's proven the dogs that killed her mother are tied to a home near the attack location, she wants the owners to serve jail time.

"My mom was 52 years old," Ward said. "They should serve 52 years."

“I let my mama know that, 'It’s ok; you're at peace now; you can go,'” Ward said.

It’s all Ward could do after watching her mom fight seven days. It was a battle that could not be survived.

A pack of seven loose dogs attacked Brown in a field in the 3300 Rutledge on May 2.

On Wednesday, Ward says she wanted to extend her appreciation to Jackie Humphrey, who called 911.

“I don’t know the lady’s name but I thank her….for calling the police because my mama wouldn’t have even made it out of that field if the lady wouldn’t have called," Ward said.

Ward says doctors stopped counting Brown’s bite wounds once they reached 100.

“Knowing that she’s in pain and she can’t talk and tell us what happened, we as her kids, have to live with that," she said.

Ward says he now has to live with the fact the attack could have been prevented.

The house that Dallas Animal Services removed the dogs from had been reported 11 times over the last three years.

Neighbors say they called the city more than that.

“When someone calls and says hey there’s a loose dog they need to come out immediately," Ward said.

Dallas police is waiting on DNA tests from the dogs to determine if the owners will face charges.

“What I want personally from them is an apology," Ward said. "I deserve that.”

She deserves to have her mom by her side but adds she is still with her.

“To me, my mama is not gone,” Ward said. “It’s just her body. Her spirit is still here, she’s still watching over us.”

A memorial fund has been set up or Antoinette Brown. Donations can be made at any Comerica Bank location, by providing account number 7004388091.