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Dallas woman inspires others to create beautiful outdoor spaces for relief

Tara Paige, creator of the Facebook group, 'Black Women Who Love Outdoor Spaces' has inspired more than 130,000 women to take to the patio for quarantine relief.

We have all been spending a lot more time in our homes in the last few months and as people look to fill the downtime, some have been discovering new passions like being outdoors.

Tara Paige, a woman in Dallas really took that new passion to heart and she’s now inspiring women all over the world to enjoy the great outdoors.

She's the brainchild behind a new popular Facebook group, 'Black Women Who Love Outdoor Living Spaces' encouraging women to "make their outside a beautiful living space together."

Just shy of three months since she created the group, its boundaries are far-reaching, with members reaching as far as Thailand, South Africa, and beyond.

She says, fun and sharing those beautiful outdoor spaces was the original intent of the group, but Paige created the space for much more than that -- with Black women in mind.

"It is it is a place of healing," Paige added. "A space where we can support one another and love one another, inspire and empower each other just to move on to the next day to deal with it again."

In a news release, Paige says, "more than being a group to exchange ideas, these women have found sisterhood and support in their patio, balcony, porch, poolside and gardening projects."

Even during a global pandemic, the group has sparked a new business idea.

It's called The Patio Chic, an online platform where members can contribute their decor and design inspirations.

To learn more about the Facebook Group or Tara Paige, you can visit her website here

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