DALLAS — The City of Dallas will open up a temporary site for vegetative waste to help improve efficiency and reduce wait times at the McCommas Bluff Landfill.

The landfill is no stranger to long lines. But what is unique about the people waiting recently is that they were brought here because of the storm last Sunday.

"It's too long," said Jimmy Turner who lost two trees at his home and now have the debris in a trailer.

Several people told WFAA say the wait to drop off waste at the landfill is between 45 minutes to an hour. City officials opted to open a temporary trash site in North Dallas. 

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"We can be most efficient when we're collecting and not hauling," said Tim Oliver of City of Dallas Sanitation. 

The hope is it would keep city trucks from making the hike down to the landfill south of downtown.

Oliver said the temporary site is only for city trucks. The city says opening the site should also lighten the load and the wait for people wanting to bring their personal trash to the landfill. The site at the High Five will also help with all the damage we saw up in North Dallas and continue to see.

The city says storm cleanup should last through July. The city urges homeowners to not put out bulk trash for this month and July. Oliver says that will help lessen the load on crews.

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