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Son of Dallas Koreatown shooting victim: 'All my life, this is the most I've seen her crying'

John Park, a victim's son, is in communication with the three shooting victims from the Koreatown salon shooting in Dallas. He's worried about their mental health.

DALLAS — A shooting in the Koreatown district of Dallas on May 11 left three women injured. It was inside Hair World Salon on Royal Lane. 

Dallas Police and the FBI are investigating it as a hate crime. The people shot were all women of Korean descent.

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It's been three weeks since the incident happened, but one of the victim's family members said all three are dealing with severe mental trauma.

John Park's mother, a customer, was waiting for her perm when the shooter entered the shop. "She told me the whole incident was 10, 20 seconds. This person literally just stormed in."

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After the shooter took off, Park said his mother called him immediately because he's her oldest son and a physician. Someone else had dialed 911 already. It's a phone call Park can't shake from his memories. 

"Having that background noise with everybody screaming, her voice being hard to hear, her crying," said Park. "I didn't know where she got shot so I thought that was the last time I was going to speak to her."

Park's said his mom and the two co-owners of Hair World Salon, who were also shot, were rushed to Parkland Hospital. His mother's artery was pierced by the bullet and she lost half her blood. She was taken into surgery emergently.

"All my life, this is the most I've seen her crying," Park said. "I'm really worried for them." He wants to get them help for their mental health.

He said the salon owners will be closing their store indefinitely. 

As for his mother, he said, "She hasn't stepped a single foot outside home." Park said the victims are afraid.

"We really need help because all three victims had medical expenses over $100,000, and it's a lot of money to pay, and it's sad for these innocent victims to bear all that burden." 

Park started a GoFundMe, where he said the donations will be split evenly between the three women.

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