As news unfolded that there was a shooter on the Texas Tech Campus, Kaylea Holland took cover.

"Me and my roommate were like, 'Oh my gosh,' and we immediately locked our doors, shut all out blinds and tried not to be noticeable as possible,” said Holland.

In Dallas, her mother was frantically trying to reach her.

"That is the first thing I thought was like, 'Oh my gosh, where is she?'” said Stacey Holland.

Her mother sent Kaylea a picture of the suspect, Hollis "Reid" Daniels, she saw on Facebook.

"She immediately responded 'Oh my gosh, I know this guy,'" Stacey said.

Kaylea says she had three classes with Daniels and was shocked to learn he was arrested and accused of shooting and killing Officer Floyd East Jr.

Kaylea says he didn't seem violent.

"No honestly, he was pretty quiet, like came to class and kind of sat in the back in one of the corners and really didn't talk," she said.

But Daniels' family knew something was wrong and called police before the shooting.

"The student’s family called to express concerns that the student might have been in possession of a weapon and was making comments about suicide,” said Texas Tech Police Chief Kyle Bonath.

Texas Tech say when officers arrived, they found evidence of drugs in Daniels dorm room and arrested him.

While at the police station they say he took a .45 caliber gun and shot Officer East Jr. in the head.

There are unanswered questions about this shooting.

When Daniels was in the police department, he was not handcuffed, and it’s unclear if he was frisked for weapons. That would be standard procedure especially since that’s why officers responded to his dorm room in the first place to check on a suicidal student with a gun.

Daniels has been charged with capital murder in connection with the death of East Jr.