DALLAS -- Thursday morning, the City of Dallas' Parks and Recreation board members proved they're going to take their time before voting on a smoking ban for area parks.

"I still feel like our opinions can not infringe upon the public,” board member Sean Johnson said during Thursday’s meeting. “What I mean is, that an entire smoking ban could be detrimental to our entire parks system.”

The ordinance they're discussing would ask the city council to sign off on a ban of smoking in city parks. That includes Fair Park, and would mean no smoking at the State Fair of Texas.

An all-encompassing ban on smoking, if passed by the city, would mean no smoking, even when park property is rented out for private events, like weddings.

That's why some park board members want amendments added to the ordinance.

Smoking isn't good for you, but several golf course reps say banning it will cost them customers.

"To tell our customers -- 15 to 20 percent of our customers -- that you can't have a cigarette or you can't smoke, or you can't do something," said Jim Henderson, a golf pro at Stevens Park Golf Course. "It's going to be detrimental for business."

By noon, the board couldn't agree on an amendment, so they voted to send it back to committee for re-write.

"The reason we didn't get home today I think is because the board was unhappy with the delineation of the exceptions and were they clear enough so that they wouldn't be misunderstandings later," said board president Max Wells.