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'It touches your heart': Dallas sanitation workers take break during route, surprise child with special gifts

A sanitation crew delivered balloons and toys to a boy who waves at them each week. The workers heard the child could use some cheer.

DALLAS — A group of Department of Sanitation Services workers is catching some positive attention for bringing a bit of cheer and excitement to a young Dallas resident. 

Video captured on the Ring camera of a family in Oak Cliff shows the sanitation crew taking a break from their regular route. They paid a special visit to a little boy who often stands outside his home on trash collection day, each week, to send a friendly wave to the crew.  

The child’s mother posted the 30-second video clip on social media. In it, the sanitation team is seen knocking on the family’s door to surprise their little buddy with balloons and a bag of toys, after hearing the boy had a tough week.

“Hey! We’ve got something for little man,” one of the workers is heard telling the family. “Yeah. We heard about his little situation.”

The excited child and his family are heard in the video thanking the workers and sharing words of appreciation.

“It touches your heart. It makes you feel like the world do care about you,” said Rickey Dunbar, a Dallas resident who watched the video.

It’s the type of seldom seen video that nearly brought Dunbar to tears.

“It makes a big difference. You know, because you feel a part of them,” Dunbar shared.

The child’s mom said she shared the video online, because public service workers, like sanitation crews, work hard and are often underappreciated.

“We kind of live in a time now where people seem like don’t nobody care about the next person, so to see something like that really touches your heart,” Dunbar said.

The boy’s mother said the card the sanitation crew left was signed "District Two". 

The video of their gesture to the child and his family is a reminder about kindness, appreciation, and being seen, even when you don’t expect it.

“Yeah! I think that’s beautiful,” Dunbar said. 

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