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Labor of love: Dallas Police Department partners with Oak Cliff laundromat to hold free ‘Community Laundry Day’ event

Neighbors can register to wash up to two loads of laundry for free, during Dallas PD's unique community outreach events.

DALLAS — Amigos Wash and Dry is a laundromat in the heart of Oak Cliff on S. Lancaster Road that stays busy. 

Regular customers know manager Karan Evans is often busy working and listening to folks’ stories. The good and the bad. 

“We have too much negative feedback on this side of town. So, we decided to do something to help that out,” said Evans.

The staff and owners of the laundromat are stepping up to help do something positive for its neighbors.

Amigos Wash and Dry is partnering with the Dallas Police Department for "Community Laundry Day," from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 4. 

“You can come. Wash clothes for free. We’re allowing each family to wash up to two loads,” said Dallas Police Department Community Outreach Representative Felicia Foster.

Community Laundry Day started as an initiative to help families who were sending children back to school, and who didn't have the resources to wash clothes. 

Dallas PD and its neighborhood police officers quickly saw a greater need and an opportunity to engage with residents in a unique way. So, the initiative is expanding across Dallas. 

“What we wanted to do is make sure we’re connecting with communities, and just meeting community where they are. Especially, in the midst of the times that we’re in,” said Foster.

Donations from a variety of sponsors, including free laundry supplies, have been assisting the efforts. Officers say a casual setting, like local laundromats, invite opportunity to connect and listen.

“You need to know who is working in your neighborhood. Each division within DPD has 10 neighborhood police officers. You should engage with them. You should know them. You should meet them,” said Foster.

In addition to local residents, some Hurricane Ida evacuees temporarily staying in Dallas have also registered for Saturday’s event.

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Evans is optimistic the community engagement event with police will continue to grow.

“You have to get down where the people live in order to understand what’s going on. Because if you only come in a crisis situation, you are going to get crisis behavior,” said Evans.

Residents interested in attending Community Laundry Day may register by calling 214-671-4045. Limited registration will be allowed on-site the day of the event.

You can also follow DPD Community Affairs on Twitter for more details on upcoming Community Laundry Day events.

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