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'Come as you are, and be who you are': Owner of new speakeasy-style venue hopes to inspire creatives, shares how you can get an invite

The coveted "close friends" list on Instagram is the golden ticket for getting the password to enter events held at RSVD.

DALLAS — When Victoria Samone started making plans for her second venue space, she knew she wanted to create an atmosphere that is both beautiful and intentional. 

RSVD, pronounced "reserved", is that.

There are Instagram-worthy photo ops on each wall, lit with fluorescent signs. Faux greenery and flowers hang from the ceiling, alongside twinkly lights that can be either white or pink. The chairs and centerpieces on the tables are soft shades of pink, and there are cozy couches in corners adjourned with plush pillows. 

It looks like an indoor oasis of pink collided with a rainforest, and Samone said that's the point. 

The various shades of pink honor her late mother, Matrina, who passed away from breast cancer in her late thirties. 

"Ever since then, pink has been a very special color to me," said Samone. 

The rainforest-inspired decor is to create an energy of strength mixed with serenity. 

"We relax, we drink, we eat," Samone said. "Everything is free-flowing like the Amazon River."

RSVD is short for RSVD by The Pink Amazon, inspired by Samone's Instagram name. The space itself -- a secret speakeasy that sits in the upstairs area of an unassuming building near Downtown Dallas. 

"We don't have our location out," Samone said. "You just have to know and be on our close friends list."

The coveted "close friends" list on Instagram is the golden ticket for getting the password to enter events held at RSVD. To get on that list, you have to send a direct message to the venues Instagram page (rsvd.pink) or comment "pinky promise" under one of the posts.

RSVD hosts monthly Friday dinners and Sunday brunches that attendees will have to produce a password, provided on Instagram, to attend. 

People can also rent the space to host their own speakeasy-style events. 

The venue comes with a bar stacked with themed cocktails, a brunch or dinner menu and a DJ.

It's available to anyone who's granted access, but Samone's purpose for creating her space was to make room for Black creatives in Dallas to gather, to network, and to host events. 

"I've always wanted to give people a platform to showcase their talents," Samone said. "I've always had a soft spot in my heart for creatives. If people have the opportunity, they can go even further. They're just waiting for someone to say 'Hey, come look at them. Come see what they got.'"

Samone said she hopes creatives, influencers and artists see the venue as a resource. 

"Creating a safe space for, not only Black women, but women in general is just necessary and whenever I can do that, I just love to," said Samone. 

So, with her mother's named etched into one of the walls, Samone hopes to carry her legacy of strength, inclusion and education share it with the new wave of creators and changemakers. 

Her invitation: come as you are, and be who you are. 

The only catch...you have to find it. 


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