ID=15986180With Halloween on the way, maybe this was bound to happen -- a house dressed up like an Ebola hazmat scene.

James Faulk, who lives in University Park, put it up. He's ready to laugh at it.

The question is: are you?

"There's going to be naysayers. There's going to be people who hate it and there already are," Faulk said. "But in the end, everything with Ebola has turned out good in Dallas, thankfully. Except for Mr. Thomas," he said.

He's speaking of Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola on American soil, who died at Texas Health Presbyterian hospital.

Faulk says the display went up Sunday night. By Monday morning the University Park Police stopped by to check it out. But the city says he's not breaking the law, just cracking a joke.

Neighbors like Jill Grover say they were shocked to see the display but not really offended.

"The first morning when I drove by it, it kind of gave me a pause," Grover said.

"I think it gets thinner and thinner these days. It never seems to amaze me what will offend people these days. And I'm sure I'm crossing the line," Faulk said.

Faulk says he's not sure if he'll get a huge crowd on Halloween or if people will stay away. But either way, if you don't like it, he says, go ask for candy in someone else's neighborhood.‚Äč