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Whataburger or In-N-Out? BBQ or seafood? Troy Aikman tells us his favorites

The Cowboys legend joined WFAA for an interview ahead of Dallas' Monday Night Football game against the Giants.

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Dallas Cowboys legend Troy Aikman joined WFAA's Joe Trahan for an exclusive one-on-one sit-down interview, where they discussed the Dallas Cowboys, the new Monday Night Football gig and more. 

But before the interview began, Aikman got loose with some fun, rapid-fire questions. Watch Trahan's "1-minute Drill" with Aikman in the video above. 

Here's a transcript of the exchange:

Trahan: Troy, you were so good at the two-minute drill, but I want to have some fun with what I call a one-minute drill. Let's get a minute on the clock. Here we go. Favorite car to drive?

Aikman: Range Rover.

Trahan: Your favorite subject in school?

Aikman: Math.

Trahan: As a kid, your favorite football player?

Aikman: Probably Vince Ferragamo.

Trahan: Best advice the coach has ever given?

Aikman: Well, what comes to mind? You have to know the difference between pain and injury.

Trahan: What other professional sport would you like to have played?

Aikman: Baseball.

Trahan: Cats or dogs?

Aikman: Dogs.

Trahan: Vanilla or chocolate?

Aikman: Vanilla.

Trahan: Whataburger or In-N-Out?

Aikman: IN-N-Out

Trahan: BBQ or seafood?

Aikman: Seafood.

Trahan: Childhood nickname?

Aikman: Ears.

Trahan: Favorite TV show?

Aikman: Gosh, probably "Cheers."

Trahan: Other than Christmas, your favorite holiday?

Aikman: Thanksgiving.

Trahan: Something you can't help but spend money on?

Aikman: Sunglasses.

Trahan: If you have one more concert to attend, who would you go and see?

Aikman: George Strait.

Trahan: And the biggest reason the Cowboys would make the playoffs this season?

Aikman: Um ... [Trahan and Aikman both laugh] ... I don't know.

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