Atmos Energy will be conducting a three- week long outage of its natural gas service starting at noon Thursday to areas of northwest Dallas.

We took five of the top asked questions about the planned work and found answers to help those affected by this process.

How long will this outage take place?

Atmos says starting Thursday at noon, for 4-5 hours, they will begin shutting service down in affected neighborhoods so that crews can begin to replace damaged equipment. The crews plan on working around-the-clock for three weeks until pipes, service line areas and gas meters can be replaced.

The company says they are deploying more than 120 crews to quickly complete this work.

If I'm affected, do I have to leave my home?

No. You don't have to leave your home. Atmos says mandatory relocations are not necessary in affected neighborhoods. For those who do want to leave, Atmos will offer financial assistance for hotels or other accommodations during the repairs. It also is working with the city of Dallas and other agencies to assist if necessary.

What neighborhoods are affected?

Walnut Hill to the north, Webb Chapel to the west, near Northwest Highway to the south and Lakemont Drive to the east. To see specific neighborhoods, Atmos has an isolation area mapped out on their website here.

If I need assistance relocating where do I turn?

Atmos has dedicated two help centers for residents looking for resources or information. There is a help line set up at 972-964-4191. Information centers will be opening at 4 p.m. Thursday at the Bachman Recreation Center. A second location will be open at the Walnut Hill Center starting at 4 p.m. and Spanish language assistance will be available there.

What prompted this?

Atmos has struggled for nearly a week to get a handle on gas line issues in the area. As of Tuesday, nearly 300 people remain out of their homes due to an evacuation order.

The order was given after an explosion destroyed a home and killed a girl on Friday, February 23.

In the days before that explosion, there was an explosion at another home, and a fire at a third home. All three homes are close to each other.