DALLAS – A mother said she is scared to drive after someone shot out her car window as her baby boy slept in the backseat.

It is supposed to be a time of precious moments for Tierra Brandon and her four-month-old son, Josiah. However, the young mom is still rattled after a scare on a Dallas highway.

“Somebody shot at me on 35, and hit the windshield,” Brandon explained in a Facebook live video.

Brandon, 22, took her fears and concerns to social media. She showed the shattered car window and detailed how a truck filled with unidentified men tried running her off the road as they fired shots at her car.

"He was steady switching lanes, and going in front of me, and slamming on his breaks," Brandon explained.

The young mom said those scary moments happened after dropping off someone at Dallas Love Field airport around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday. Brandon said as she approached I-35 South, a black colored Ford dually with white stripes began tailgating and taunting her.

"He started to flicker their lights a little bit. So, I got over into the next lane," she said.

Brandon said as she sped up, that’s when the truck’s passengers pulled out a weapon.

"It was long,” she recalled. “It was just a long black gun. I knew it was a gun because he kept flashing it. And I just pressed on the gas and went."

The car’s windshield shattered and glass was flying everywhere. Brandon said the one thing she remembers thinking about was her son’s safety.

"In the heat of the moment, I can honestly tell you, I don't know what I was doing. I just know I was driving with my head down, and I was just asking God…please, please help me. Please!" she said.

Little Josiah slept through the chaos and had minor scratches. As Dallas Police now handle the investigation, the paranoid mom is holding her son a little tighter, knowing the truck that taunted them is still on the streets.

"You caused me a lot of frustration,” Brandon said. “Not only did you put my life in danger, but you put his in danger as well."