A DART police officer was arrested on charges of assault for an altercation at an apartment complex pool Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses say DART police Officer Elbert Corker, who lives at the apartment complex in the 1600 block of Bluegrove Road in Lancaster, approached a group of teenagers and ordered them to leave the apartment complex pool. Some of the teens were not residents of the complex.

"We all get up, we were walking out and I just see him choking the 18-year old, the officer,” said Keandre Martin of the altercation that began between the officer and one of Martin’s friends.

"You know how young people are, talking back,” added witness Hezekiyah Gordon, who said the 18-year-old got into a shouting match with the officer. “The officer wasn't tolerating. So, he just handled it in his own actions."

They say the officer, who was allegedly not in uniform, started to fight the 18-year-old, who fought back, connecting a right hand with the 50-year-old’s left eye.

"I thought it was self-defense because he slapped him first,” said another teenage witness who chose not to be identified because she said it was her car the officer chased with his truck as the kids drove away. When the kids tried to flee they say the officer chased them in his personal vehicle and rammed her car, causing her to lose control and hit a curb popping her right front tire.

“Before I could turn my car around he hit the front side of my car with his truck," she said. "And so I tried to turn back around to get away from him, and he pushed my car and followed me all the way to the dead end on Bluegrove.”

Lancaster police responded to the scene and arrested the DART officer at the apartment complex. He was placed under arrest for one count of Assault Causing Bodily Injury and five counts of aggravated assault by a public servant.

DART says Corker, who has been a DART officer since 2002, has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of his case.