DALLAS – When Dallas disbanded tent city, more than 200 homeless men and women scattered across the city, and dozens apparently ended up five miles to the east at Interstate 30 and Jim Miller Road.

"When they closed tent city they just moved a little farther out and they set up under our bridges," said Angie Stanford, homeowner in nearby Buckner Terrace. "It's like there's bedrooms up there under the bridge on both sides of the freeway."

Under the Jim Miller Road overpass on Wednesday, there were needles, new shoes, and even a propane tank.

One woman, who asked not to be identified, said she lived in Tent City for several weeks. She now sleeps on the lawn at a Raceway gas station on the southwestern corner of the intersection.

Others that are homeless said people moved from the camp downtown, as well.

Neighbors in nearby Buckner Terrace are fed up with the growing population of homeless.

"They're right here at the bridge," Stanford said. "They walk across, get their soda, come into our neighborhood and steal, and walk right back and get into their bedroom under the bridge."

Crime is a big worry. In the last month, burglaries have gone up 50 percent and car break-ins have tripled to the highest they've been in at least three years, according to the Buckner Terrace Homeowners Association.

"Buckner and Jim Miller, this is the entrance to the city of Dallas, and this is what we're showing them,” said Daniel Wood, a homeowner.

On Monday, Mayor Mike Rawlings created a commission on homelessness to look for long-term strategies.

But Buckner Terrace is more interested in a short-term solution.