DALLAS – State Rep. Jason Villalba, a Dallas Republican, said he would ask the governor’s office and the attorney general’s office to join the investigation into voter fraud allegations in Dallas County.

“With the severity of what we’re hearing about, I do think it’s important that the AG steps in. [State Rep.] Eric Johnson in Dallas has taken a leadership role in this issue. I’ll be following his lead on this. We’ll make sure he gets the support he needs as well as asking the governor and the attorney general to step in and address this,” said Villalba on WFAA-TV’s Inside Texas Politics Sunday morning.

Chris Turner, a Democrat who represents the Tarrant County side of Grand Prairie, also appeared on WFAA Sunday morning and said: “The reports out of Dallas are deeply disturbing. There needs to be a full and complete investigation and people need to be held accountable if it’s proven that they have broken the law. Whether that investigation should remain with the DA or also include other agencies, I’m not the best person to say but I hope there’s a full and complete investigation.”

Since March, the Dallas County District Attorney’s office has investigated allegations that people are misusing mail-in ballots. Voters complained they received mail-in ballots without ever requesting them. There are also allegations that someone inside the Dallas County Elections Department might be involved in wrongdoing.

The Texas Attorney General’s office told WFAA that it is “fully aware of and closely monitoring” an investigation by local prosecutors.

Direct Action Texas got 100 conservative leaders, including the chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, to sign a letter it sent to Gov. Abbott last week asking him to call a special session to strengthen penalties for voter fraud.

The organization said its research has sparked voter fraud investigations in Harrison, Hill and Tarrant counties, as well as Dallas.

On Inside Texas Politics, Direct Action Texas was asked whether elected officials are in office today who might have used stolen votes to get there.

“We’ve called out two publicly that we can document which is why we’re comfortable calling those out. One is a state rep and the other is a city councilman in Fort Worth who, as of two weeks ago, is no longer a city councilman. Due to our investigation, he decided not to run again. There are others but we’re not comfortable calling them out by name yet,” explained Aaron Harris, executive director for Direct Action Texas.

He agreed that the attorney general should join the local investigation.

“The problem with voter fraud is it’s a very local issue and the district attorney is a locally elected official. So, it’s a little bit of a buzzsaw for them to walk into,” said Harris.