Lyndo Jones replays it in his mind every night.

"Just hearing the shots. Sleeping. Boom. Boom. Waking up, jumping, because I'm scared,” said the 31-year-old.

He and his attorneys spoke out Thursday evening after the Mesquite police officer who shot Jones was indicted for aggravated assault.

"I was actually rather shocked when we got it yesterday. I say that to say this, I'm not happy with the indictment because I believe Officer Wiley should face higher charges like attempted murder,” said Justin Moore, one of Jones’ attorneys.

They also said the District Attorney should have filed the charges instead of leaving the case up to the grand jury since body camera and dash camera video matched what Jones said happened rather than backing up the officer’s story.

Mesquite fired Officer Derrick Wiley last week, saying he violated the use of force policy, among other things, after opening fire on Jones.

On Nov. 8, someone called 911 to report Jones was breaking into a truck. Turns out, it was Jones' own truck. "There was no attempt to hide anything to cover up anything,” said Chief Charlie Cato, Mesquite Police.

He answered questions and said he wanted to clear up misinformation. "There were allegations made that there was an anal cavity search conducted on Mr. Jones after he was shot. That is not true. That did not happen,” added Chief Cato.

Jones' attorneys said it was telling what the chief did not say.

"I would love to see them express some sort of concern for the well-being of Lyndo who they kept chained to his bed for five days in the hospital in intensive care without actually filing any charges against him,” said Lee Merritt, another attorney for Jones.

"I can't even go to work. I can't even get up and give you a hug if I wanted to because I'm hurting,” said Jones.

Merritt and Moore said they will be filing a civil lawsuit on Jones’ behalf shortly.