Mathew Lopez is only the third owner of a home built by the same man who built a Dallas dynasty.

"It's been incredibly overwhelming at times. It has, I think, a kind of semblance of hallow ground," Lopez said.

Lopez’s home at 4510 Hallmark in Dallas was built in the 1960s by legendary Dallas Cowboys coach Tom Landry and his wife Alicia.

"So it is literally where Tom Landry built America’s team and all the things he did for his community; the church and the YMCA started here," he said.

Coach Tom Landry was a strong Christian and family man. In an interview with WFAA during the 1990s he talked about the importance of God and family.

"If God is first in your life and your family is important to you, and football is third, then you will have what it takes to be successful," Landry said.

Lopez says the 4,000 square foot home still has some of the original features. He says he can only imagine the conversations that took place here.

"Can you imagine the prayers that Coach Landry and Alicia prayed over this home?” he said.

Lopez says his father knew Coach Landry. When he was a child Coach Landry wrote him a letter encouraging him, after he had ripped his ACL.

Part of the letter read, ”Follow the doctor’s advice. I am sure you will and it won’t take long until you are out playing on the field again.”

Lopez bought the home from the people who bought it from Tom Landry, but he says it’s time to sell.

The asking price is set at about $1.25 million. He says he hopes the home lands in the hands of other Cowboys fans.

“No Mean Joe Greene or his son. We are going to harbor that grudge for Coach Landry," Lopez joked.

It is a piece of Cowboys history, and Lopez hopes the home will bless another family like it did for both him and the Landry family.

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