If a family of eight squeezing into a small Dallas apartment sounds like a lot to deal with, it's a vast improvement for the Alzldaeen family.

The family resettled here in late 2016, part of the surge of Syrian families resettled in the United States, seeking asylum from political persecution in their war torn homeland.

Kholoud Alzldaeen and her husband have six children ranging from 18 to 6, the youngest two with no memories of life in Syria before they fled in 2010.

"I've now not seen a lot of my family for eight years," Alzldaeen says.

Her 16-year old daughter Thuraya Alzldaeen says she loves living in Dallas and attending school.

“You can understand everything," Alzldaeen says. "I have more of a future – you learn everything in America.”

The family says they spent much of Saturday reading headlines of the coordinated international military response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime led by Bashar al-Assad.

"In Syria, not too much is good," the 16-year old says understatedly.

Khouloud adds she has not spoken to her family in Syria, including her mother and three sisters in over three weeks.

"I'm very scared for them," Alzldaeen says.