The Trinity River continues to rise after heavy rains, causing road closures and evacuations amid flood concerns.

An "uncontrolled spill" is occurring at three area lakes that pour into the Trinity, causing more water to rush into the river, even after the rains have ended.

Lake Lewisville was at a record-high level Sunday, in excess of 537 feet, after the latest round of rains. The lake is expected to crest on Tuesday.

The City of Dallas warned residents of street closures and areas with flood concerns Sunday. In a 7:30 p.m. press conference, officials said there were 21 road closures that would affect the Monday morning commute for many travelers.

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Monday morning the Wellington Place Apartments on MacArthur Boulevard in Coppell were evacuated. Just after midnight water from the East Fork of the Trinity began to creep into the complex.

More than 100 units were affected, and the Red Cross is helping residents find shelter.

Residents in Ellis County were urged to evacuate Sunday as flood waters began to reach homes.

"A series of small breaches have occurred along the Trinity Rosser levee, which is being actively monitored by Ellis County Emergency Management and first responders, the Levee Board, and Corps of Engineers," officials said in a release on Monday.

Other areas of concern are Red Oak Creek, Smith Creek, Ten Mile Creek and Lake Bardwell. Those areas are being monitored by emergency personnel. Go here for more information about Ellis County.

Loop 12 was among the roads still closed Sunday evening, but TxDOT said Monday that the highway had reopened just after midnight. Previous estimates indicated Loop 12 would be closed for a week. Crews worked throughout the weekend to remove water built up on the road way.

Dallas' Emergency Operations Center was at a Level 3 monitoring status, using multiple city departments for flood response.

Sunday afternoon's "reverse 911 call" reached 3,758 individual phone lines, according to the city's Twitter account.

A release from the city Sunday evening gave the following warning for the area of the city near the Little Elm Fork of the Trinity:

In the interest of safety, the City is closing streets in the Northwest Highway / Stemmons Freeway (I-35 E) area due to street flooding. At 3:30 p.m., the City sent a Reverse 911 message to warn businesses in the area of potential street flooding

The City encourages citizens to avoid the area west of Stemmons Freeway (I-35 E), north of Northwest Highway and east of Luna Road and south of Royal Lane as street flooding is causing vehicles to become stranded, inhibiting travel within the area.

The City of Dallas urges motorists not to drive into water on roadways, and to not drive around barricaded roadways. These barricades are in place to protect lives and property.

Officials emphasized in Sunday's press conference the importance of regarding barricades put in place by the city. It is against state law to drive around or move barricades.

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