DALLAS COUNTY -- Final results for the Dallas County runoff elections will be delayed as mail-in ballots are sequestered due to recent concerns over voter fraud.

Judge Clay Jenkins told WFAA Saturday night that the district attorney made the call to sequester all mail-in ballots where the voter was assisted by someone three days ago.

It all stems from allegations of voter fraud, and Jenkins says the measure was decided to make sure the voting process and the laws are followed.

If someone mailed in their vote but was assisted, those votes won't be counted Saturday night like they normally would.

In the Dallas City Council run-off races, that means hundreds of votes won't be factored in until Sunday.

Then, a bipartisan board of private citizens will compare the signatures on the assisted mail-in ballots to make sure they are authentic and not forged.

"The group that verifies signatures are boards of citizens," Jenkins said. "The chairs of that are Republican and Democrat, they've been doing that for 10 years. With these municipal elections, cities and school districts are allowed to put people on that board. But it's a board of citizens who are do-gooders, who have done this many times before. And we have a high degree of confidence they'll do a good job."

Jenkins says if any candidates have questions or concerns about the process, they can send a poll watcher to observe the board.

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