GARLAND, Texas — About two dozen dogs have been moved from the Garland Animal Services shelter after seven dogs were diagnosed with canine distemper.

According to the city of Garland, the first case was confirmed on July 31. On August 7, test results from the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory confirmed the seven cases.

Saul Garza, a spokesman with the city, said about 24 dogs were transported to animal support groups between 10 p.m. Tuesday through 2 a.m. Wednesday. He said more animals are expected to be removed Wednesday.

Garland Animal Services described canine distemper as "a highly contagious airborne virus that is ever-present in the environment and poses a constant threat to shelter settings.

Symptoms include a thick discharge in nose and eyes, diarrhea, fever, coughing, loss of appetite, twitching and neurological signs. Dogs of all ages are most susceptible. All pets should be vaccinated against distemper."

On their Facebook page, Garland Animal Services warned people who've adopted a dog from the shelter within the last six weeks to look for symptoms. If any symptoms are spotted, you can contact the shelter at

Meanwhile, crews are working to sanitize the shelter.