A 14-year-old Chihuahua is recovering after being abandoned, apparently strangled and near death in a Dallas apartment complex Sunday night.

The dog is being called Sparrow by the rescue group that’s taken her in. “We're guessing that somebody choked her until she passed out,” said Molly Chance of the pet rescue group Heaven’s Helpers.

Already blind in her right eye, it initially looked like Sparrow might lose her left eye. It's now looking like she'll be able to keep it.

A couple found the dog wrapped in a hoodie and sheets inside a dumpster. They contacted Sparrow’s group, who took the dog to a Mansfield emergency vet clinic.

Dallas Animal Services is investigating. Animal cruelty charges could be filed. “This dog we found out through her microchip was a pet of 14 years,” Chance said. “How somebody can discard a pet like that I'll never understand.”

Sparrow's owner lives in the apartment complex, where she was found. Her Facebook shows she owned Sparrow for many years.

The woman posted on her Facebook page the morning after Sparrow was found that she had to let her Chihuahua dog go because her “medical problems caught up with her.” “I miss her,” the post said.

The post has since been removed. The dog owner did not answer her apartment door.
“The vet of record for this dog called the owner,” Chance said. “They let her know your dog was found in a dumpster and she just said, ‘That's not true. That's not her’ and hung up.”

The people who found the dog turned the dog over to Chance’s group. They initially took the terrified little dog to Animal Emergency Hospital of Mansfield vet for treatment.

From there, she went to a Midlothian Veterinary Clinic, where she received tender, loving care. Chance picked her up from the clinic today.

“Good girl, you’re so brave,” Chance said, trying to sooth the scared dog. “You’re so brave.”
Sparrow is still recovering from her injuries. Her left eye is blood red from the hemorrhaging behind her eye. She’s having a tough time walking.

For Chance, seeing the fear in the dog’s eyes is heartbreaking. “I see this kind of stuff every day in full-time rescue, and it never gets easier to see,” she said.

Workers at the Mansfield clinic were glad to see her on the mend. “Overall, she’s a sweet baby,” said Lindsey Kidd, a vet tech. “She’s getting some vision back. She’s doing better.”

What shocked Chance is that someone would abuse and discard a dog who had obviously been well taken care of for many years.

“She’s a sweet dog that she has not any trouble for anyone,” Chance said.

Sparrow still needs to see an eye specialist and to get therapy to help get her walking again. The vet bills have already topped $500.

For now, Sparrow will continue to heal in a foster home. “A lot of these dogs that we rescue have had horrible things happen to them, and it never ceases to amaze us the capacity to love they still have and trust,” she said.

Sparrow just awaits her forever home.